Rainy days at Charlecote

Don't let a little rain stop you from enjoying a walk a Charlecote Park

Raindrops on roses, mud on your wellies – make your own list of favourite things, whatever the weather.

Enjoy Charlecote even on showery days and during downpours! There’s something beautiful to see in all weathers, even when it’s wet.

Embrace rainy day visits by starting with some cheery bright wellies, a good coat and a big umbrella then set off for a refreshing walk around the parkland.

Splash through puddles for a perfect afternoon together
Splash in puddles at Charlecote Park for a perfect afternoon together
Splash through puddles for a perfect afternoon together

Boost your mood

Tap into your senses and enjoy everything the rain brings.

Feel the rain on your face and forget about life’s niggles for a while. Focus on the sky instead of the ground and watch the weather change while you soak up cloudscapes stretching across the parkland.  Have you ever noticed how everything smells different in the rain and how raindrops sparkle after a shower? When the rain stops, listen for birdsong - proven to help our wellbeing.

Don't forget your wellies!
A rainy day is always good for a walk at Charlecote Park - don't forget your wellies
Don't forget your wellies!

Invest in nature

There are fewer people around in the parkland on rainy days so you can be peaceful, a chance to discover contentment as you watch the deer or see ducks and swans on the river. If they don’t care about the weather, why should you? Let your mind wander and enjoy the flow.

Discover a different kind of tranquillity and let nature be in charge for a while. Fresh air and switching off is good for us whether the sun is shining or not.

Raindrops on roses - make this one of your favourite things
A walk through the gardens at Charlecote Park is relaxing in any weather
Raindrops on roses - make this one of your favourite things

...and why not?!

After you've finished your walk treat yourself to a warm hug of a hot chocolate or a slice of cake in the  Wood Yard. Watch raindrops scoot down the windows and stay snug inside until you’re ready for that stroll back to the car. Don’t forget to pop in to the second-hand bookshop first though, and pick up a good read for when you get back home.**

And next time the weather forecast doesn’t look so good you can laugh in the face of showers and secretly know that it’s really the best time to be outdoors.

 ** Coronavirus restrictions currently apply to gardens / food and beverage / retail areas.