Remembering Charlecote's First World War experience

Discover the impact of the first world war on Charlecote and the Lucy family

Throughout the year Charlecote is commemorating the First World War, its impact on the Lucy family and its effect on the wider estate.

The Lucy family have kindly shared their personal collection of documents and photographs with us to enable us to tell this story.

Collect a leaflet on your way in to follow our commemorative trail.

All three brothers returned from the war, but between them they undoubtedly experienced all the horrors of conflict
The three Lucy family sons at Charlecote at the start of the First World War

The Lucy family contribution

Until  20 May, we’re looking at the experiences of the men of the family, particularly Sir Henry Fairfax Lucy and the letters sent home from the Front by his sons Montgomerie and Brian.

Montgomerie's trunk is a poignant reminder of the Lucy family's experiences in the First World War
First World War trunk used by Montgomerie Fairfax Lucy of Charlecote Park

Following on from that (from 26 May to 16 September), the focus will be on the Lucy ladies who volunteered in the Red Cross and nursed in Coventry. 

Look out for more information about our re-enactment weekend with the VADACT living history group bringing the Red Cross to life at Charlecote from 8-10 June.

The Lucy family women became nurses and Charlecote was used by the Red Cross to practice field skills
First World War Red Cross nurses used Charlecote to practise and demonstrate their skills

From 22 September until the end of the year we’ll look at the local consequences of the First World War and its impact on Charlecote and its wider estate.

Our commemoration of the First World War begins in the gatehouse
Charlecote's First World War commemoration looks at its impact on the Lucy family and the wider estate

Close to home

The tack room will be the focus of our own War Horse story, and you can find out more about Sir Henry’s distress as his own favourite horse left for France.

Wartime recipes come to the Victorian kitchen where you'll find out more about rationing for soldiers and civilians.

The impact of the first world war was felt throughout Charlecote
Discover the impact of the first world war on the people of Charlecote

In the billiard room we’re looking at the contribution of the man who was to become Brian’s father-in-law.  He was the renowned author of The Thirty Nine Steps, John Buchan, and his secret propaganda work for the war was “the toughest job I ever took on”.

The aftermath of war

Throughout the year we’ll invite visitors to contribute their own memories of family members who were involved in the 1914-18 conflict. We’d love to hear stories from further afield too, maybe recollections of descendants of the Belgian refugees who came to nearby Stratford-upon-Avon in 1914.

Remembering the First World War at Charlecote
Ladybird poppies fill Charlecote's summer gardens with colour
Portrait of Sir Thomas Lucy III and family at Charlecote Park

Discover some of the Lucy family stories 

The Lucy family's Charlecote roots go back to the days of King Richard I. Find out more about the Shakespeare poaching legend, the influence of flamboyant "Bachelor" George and Mary Elizabeth Lucy, the Victorian bride who created the Charlecote you see today.