Wrap up warm at Charlecote this winter

Family walk through parkland at Charlecote Park in winter

Families with children - and grandchildren - of all ages will find plenty to keep everyone busy at Charlecote. Rain or shine there's always something to discover, and our visitors tell us this is a special place they love to return to throughout the year.

Fresh air and fun

Charlecote's a great place to start your outdoor adventure with 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Why not make a start in the new year or make it the year that you complete all 50 things? We'd love to hear how you get on via social media!

This could be the perfect time for No. 33– Go cloud watching, and you can always start with No. 1 – Get to know a tree. We’ve felled some old trees in the parkland and left them lying where they’ve fallen for you to climb on. The ancient trees standing in the parkland can be fragile and aren’t suitable for climbing.

You don’t need much of a breeze for No. 7 – Fly a kite, and you’ll find plenty of sticks in the parkland to Have fun with sticks (No. 12).

Charlecote is the perfect place for No. 44 – Watch a bird. See ducks and swans on the river and listen out for woodpeckers. Pop in to the bird hide behind the stables too and see what's come to our feeders.

Happiness is... a big stick
Child with stick in garden at Charlecote in winter and family
Happiness is... a big stick

Half term

Nature adventurers welcome at half term! Get your wellies on and explore the parkland with our new trail taking place between 15 and 23 February.

£3 per trail, includes a small prize at the end. Normal admission prices apply if you're not a National Trust member yet. Under 5s are free.

Explore outdoors

There’s plenty of space just to run round and play games. Pop into the Servants' Hall shop to buy bug-hunting kits and books, and we stock other outdoor activities that you can play with straight away.

The grassy parkland paths are flat enough for chunky-wheeled buggies if it's not too muddy. Wellies are always recommended.

Our ancient trees are fragile and unsuitable for climbing, but you'll find large felled trees around the parkland to play on - better than any climbing frame!

Wild about nature – what will you spot today?

Nature is always right in front of you if you take a moment to look.

Bring some binoculars and watch the birds and cheeky squirrels for a while. Look out for the friendly robins in the gardens and watch the ducks, swans and herons on the river. Never feed bread to the ducks or swans at Charlecote or anywhere else - they'll gobble it up, but it upsets their tummies. Wild bird seed is much better for them.

Seeing our fallow deer roaming the parkland is always a special part of any visit. Watch them from the pathways though, and keep an eye on all the children in your care.

Please keep your distance and don't approach the deer - they are large wild animals and can be unpredictable.

What will you discover today?
Children with binoculars in wildlife hide at Charlecote Park
What will you discover today?

The Victorians weren't so vile!

See what’s happening in the Victorian kitchen, help with the cooking and try on a maid’s costume to share the experience of Victorian life. Please note that we don't have volunteers available every day to cook in the kitchen. Have you thought about volunteering a few hours here around the school day?

Take a look around the outbuildings and imagine the Lucy family’s servants’ tough lives in all weathers. 

See what we're cooking in the Victorian kitchen today
Children watch volunteer in Victorian kitchen at Charlecote Park
See what we're cooking in the Victorian kitchen today

The house re-opens on Saturday 15 February at the start of half term - come and find all the Cuddly Critters hiding in the rooms. Our friendly room guides will help you find them if you ask.

Take care

  • Please approach the busy road from Visitor Reception with caution.
  • Hip straps are available to borrow in the house. To protect our fragile objects you'll be asked to leave pushchairs and large rucksacks at the front door of the house.
  • Please keep an eye on children in your care at all times - the riverbanks, lake and haha are unfenced and the large stones of the haha can become loose. Our deer and sheep roam freely - poo happens! 
  • Balance bikes are welcome but please, no scooters or pedal bikes.
You'll always spot ducks, swans or herons on the river
Family look for wildlife by river in parkland at Charlecote Park
You'll always spot ducks, swans or herons on the river

Did you know…?

... every Family Membership sold by our friendly Visitor reception team generates a donation to Charlecote from central funds and directly helps us to look after this special place. And you get a whole year of days out together at 500 places, as often as you like.

... you can include your children or grandchildren in your membership.

... we have children's annual membership for 5-17 year olds for just £10.

… under-5s come in to all National Trust places for free.

... every time your membership card is scanned it generates £2.56 for the place you are visiting - your membership goes straight to the places you love.

… you’re always welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy by the river, all year round.

Flying, swimming, running... what is our wildlife doing today?
Family at picnic bench watch wildlife in parkland at Charlecote
Flying, swimming, running... what is our wildlife doing today?