Raffle ticket projects at Charlecote

Every year our generous visitors who buy raffle tickets from our volunteers are helping fund work that we would struggle to afford otherwise. Your tickets go into the National Trust Special Places raffle with fantastic cash prizes on offer.

Charlecote's conservation team look after the house for future generations

Charlecote's pipe dream 

Raffle ticket sales will play an important part in funding our new heating project through 2019-2020. Discover more about why this project is so necessary and how you can help.

Tackroom at Charlecote Park

Charlecote's tackroom project

Much-needed funds are raised every year by raffle ticket sales. Find out how our neglected outbuildings are being helped by funds raised from our raffle.

Damaged antique globes in library at Charlecote Park

Saving the world at Charlecote

Years of spinning had left two precious globes in our library in urgent need of repairs. See how your donations have helped our conservation work.

Trees in lime avenue at Charlecote Park in autumn sunlight

Just the (raffle) ticket

Conservation work on the ancient evergreen lime avenue has been funded by raffle ticket sales - find out how this natural habitat has been preserved for the future.

Enjoy the wild flowers when you stroll through the meadow at Charlecote Park

Charlecote's wildflowers project

Find out how the raffle tickets our visitors bought have now paid for thousands of wildflowers for future generations to enjoy.

Boathouse at Dudmaston in Autumn


We run four raffles every year which can be entered to win cash prizes of up to £10,000.