Restoring Charlecote's historic Avenue

Aerial view of Charlecote woodyard and green court from gatehouse roof

2016 saw the acquisition of eight acres of land next to our car park from private owners, giving us an exciting opportunity to re-incorporate the site back into the Charlecote estate, opening up the old view.

Our Research Team of staff and volunteers are searching through historic records to uncover the stories of the land. You can see from the old aerial black-and-white view that the tree-lined avenue was once a truly significant part of the Lucy family estate, continuing across the road from the blue gates at the top of the drive.

We've set up a small plant-sales area here for now, selling peat-free plants. Every plant you buy will be helping fund the work we are carrying out.

Our two-year-plus project also includes developing the woodyard at the centre of Charlecote's buildings into new catering facilities - have you ever wondered what's behind the Carriage houses?

Latest posts

01 Mar 18

Drains and designs

Following an archaeological survey and full drainage survey, the design team have been looking at how the cafe will fit into the Woodyard. Currently the staff car park and gardeners' work area, it will soon begin to look very different. Interior and exterior designs are being drawn up, taking into account staff and services needs and visitor flow. The integrity of the old outbuildings remains crucial in all the design work.

Charlecote Park woodyard before work begins on new restaurant area

05 Jan 18

The view restored

Planning permission received, we've been able to clear all the modern planting on the Avenue site. We can now see the original broad sightline all the way down the Gatehouse as it was originally intended. Later in the project, visitors will be able to share this view.

Clearing modern planting has opened up the view from the Avenue to Charlecote house and gatehouse

22 Nov 17

Ground work

Charlecote staff with years of knowledge of every inch of the property are working with external experts. Together they’ll ensure that the project outcome looks after Charlecote as well as our visitors. Planning permission is expected soon to demolish unsafe old buildings on the site next to the car park. Old concrete and pipes need to be removed too and then we’ll be able to sow grass seed – the first step in recreating the old tree-lined Avenue prospect down to the blue entrance gates. We’ll then submit plans for a new operational base to be built here for the Park and Garden team.

Charlecote staff and expert consultants work together on the Avenue project