Spring at Claremont Landscape Garden

Goslings on the lake at Claremont

Take time out to enjoy the refreshing sights of spring, when Claremont is at its loveliest. Spring offers the chance to stroll through corridors of rhododendrons, feed tiny goslings, and make the most of the longer days in this historic royal pleasure ground.

Planning your visit

You'll need to book your visit to Claremont in advance. Find out more here.

Bluebells in bloom

Spring is the perfect time to spot swathes of these regal purple flowers springing up throughout the garden. Take a stroll along the lake and up past the ha-ha wall during April to witness the seasonal display of bluebells at it's very best. 

Spring colour at Claremont
Bluebells at Claremont
Spring colour at Claremont


Trees and plants

Swathes of daffodils first herald the new season, with camellias, cherries, azaleas and rhododendrons soon following suit. Seen an interesting tree on your stroll? Join a Tuesday Tree Walk to discover more about it and our surprisingly varied collection of trees as they don their first leaves. You'll be surprised to learn just how many species there are in our 49 acres.


Claremont is home to an array of birds and mammals, from ducks raising new families to moles and badgers burrowing through the landscape unseen. On a springtime walk, listen out for the sounds of woodpeckers and thrushes, and keep your eyes open for shyer visitors such as kingfishers and roe deer.

Help us look after this special place

You can help us look after this historic garden and its wildlife by resisting the temptation to roll down the amphitheatre, feeding birds frozen peas instead of bread, and leaving flowers to grow undisturbed. Thank you - it's because of your support that we're able to keep the beauty of Claremont alive.