Clouds Hill

Exterior of the cottage, peeping through the trees with flowers framing the foreground

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We’re working hard to reopen many of our places where it is safe to do so, however Clouds Hill is closed.

The rural retreat of T. E. Lawrence

Clouds Hill

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Clouds Hill


An outdoor workshop at Clouds Hill on a sunny day

Lawrence of Arabia learning pack 

A look at, and opportunity to download, the Lawrence of Arabia learning pack for Clouds Hill.

Clouds Hill


Clouds Hill and Clouds Plantation on Isaac Taylor's 1765 Map of Dorsetshire

Clouds Hill before Lawrence 

Clouds Hill is described as a 'woodsman's cottage'. Find out more about the history of those who lived in this isolated cottage before Lawrence - and how Lawrence rescued it from decay.

View to the cottage through yellow autumn leaves

Listen to the story of Lawrence of Arabia's humble home at Clouds Hill 

In this episode of the National Trust podcast we’re at Clouds Hill, the rustic retreat of T.E. Lawrence. Nestled among pine trees in the Dorset countryside, this remote and rustic cottage is where 'Lawrence of Arabia' fled his new-found fame, following his adventures in the desert during the First World War. We’ll take you on a tour of the intimate spaces where he entertained friends, listened to music, and kept his beloved motorbike - giving you an insight into this complex and fascinating character.

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Clouds Hill

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