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The rural retreat of T. E. Lawrence

Clouds Hill

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Desert to Dorset

Sat 06 May 2017
A fortnight of talks and displays exploring the life of T. E. Lawrence: from Lawrence of Arabia to T E Shaw.

Talk: '1917: A Gordian knot of diplomacy'

Sat 06 May 2017
by Roger Holehouse

Talk: 'T E Lawrence: Influences of family life'

Sun 07 May 2017
by Marilyn Holehouse

Event: 'Breakfast Wet/Fine'

Mon 08 May 2017
An exclusive event inside the Cottage, on a day when it is closed to general visitors, with readings from Lawrence's letters, read by Andrew Munro, plus some nibbles au Lawrence. Advance booking essential

Talk: 'Why Aqaba?'

Tue 09 May 2017
by Roger Holehouse

Talk: 'Lawrence of Arabia's War'

Thu 11 May 2017
by Dr Neil Faulkner FSA and Director of the Great Arab Revolt Project
Clouds Hill


An outdoor workshop at Clouds Hill on a sunny day

Lawrence of Arabia learning pack 

A look at, and opportunity to download, the Lawrence of Arabia learning pack for Clouds Hill.