Discover T.E. Lawrence at Clouds Hill in 2016

A photograph of a section of a portrait of T. E. Lawrence as a young man sitting by the sea in a white shirt

This year at Clouds Hill there's a focus on the many journeys of T.E. Lawrence, and looking back on his involvement in the First World War.

A journey to war and back

T.E. Lawrence’s life was full of journeys: as a boy, as a student, as a British Army officer in the First World War, and as a private in the army and RAF in the 1920s and 1930s. Bicycles, motorbikes and maps were a key part of these journeys.

This year's Lawrence themes

There is a focus on Lawrence’s journeys and looking back 100 years to 1916: when Lawrence’s involvement in the First World War moved from mapmaking in Cairo to travelling in Mesopotamia and Arabia as an Intelligence and Liaison Officer in the war against the Turkish army.

This was at the start of the Arab Revolt, the genesis of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, and a very different sort of war from the one raging on the Western Front: the Battle of the Somme and the mud of Flanders. Writings and Letters on display at the cottage will compare the two wars, and commemorate the terrible suffering caused by the First World War in 1916.

How you can get involved

Along with the displays of letters and memorabilia, there are plenty of hands on activities and special events. Here's a look at what's on offer.

March – May
Celebrate cycling:  a fixed cycle allows visitors to help clock up the 2,400 miles that Lawrence cycled through France as a student, researching medieval castles.

June – October  
Mapping: explore the grounds of Clouds Hill with a mapping exercise.

Tales from Arabia

11 & 24 June; 9 & 22 July; 2 & 16 August: 1-4pm - songs, stories and music from Tim Laycock in celebration of T.E. Lawrence.

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