Caring for Clouds Hill during winter closure

Winter cleaning of Lawrence's leather sofa

We don't just lock up and leave Clouds Hill during its winter closure - there are plenty of tasks that need to be carried out in this period to protect this wonderful cottage and its collection.

All wrapped up

Clouds Hill is wrapped up for winter with all Lawrence’s carefully chosen possessions covered in dustsheets to protect them from the droppings deposited by our resident bats. There will be regular checks on the bats - and their less lovely droppings - to make sure they aren't causing any damage to the fragile collection and furnishings.

Humidity control

Humidistats are left on overnight when the house is open, and all the time during the closed winter season. Each is connected to a radiator, which it turns on if humiidity levels get too high. Its important to control humidity so moulds do not grow and insects do not find comfy homes in organic materials like Lawrence's Turkish rug, leather doors or the cosy sheepskin cushions of his favourite armchair.  

Planning for next year

Some 20,000 visitors come underneath the lintel carved by Lawrence and into his cottage between April and October each year. Each winter season, we plan events for the coming year and try and improve the experience we offer visitors, while always protecting the cottage and its collection. We rely on our fantastic team of volunteers. If you would like to join us for 2019 check out our volunteering opportunities.