Highlights of Clouds Hill

An overview of the highlights of Clouds Hill, including the atmospheric cottage rooms in which T E Lawrence relaxed, wrote and entertained a select group of friends.

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The book room with its enormous bed in front of the window

The Book Room

This was the room where Lawrence would relax in the evenings, escaping from the hurly burly of army life at Bovington Camp. The large, leather-covered bed was for reading rather than sleeping. The room contains many of Lawrence's original possessions, and a reading chair which he had specially made to fit his small frame.

The bathroom at Clouds Hill with a white bath and wooden chair and Lawrence's shaving mirror

The Bathroom

Hot baths were one of Lawrence's favourite luxuries - although he didn't have a toilet at the cottage. He installed this bathroom, lined the walls with cork, fed water up by pump from a nearby tank and fitted a boiler into the room to heat it.

Visitors in the upstairs living room at Clouds Hill

The Music Room

The Music Room was where Lawrence used to write and where he entertained his guests. Sometimes they would listen to music played on the special gramophone Lawrence had made, with its huge horn. At other times they would chat, or eat simple suppers out of tins.

The Bunk Room at Clouds Hill with the 'ships' cabin' bed which Lawrence made for himself

The Bunk Room

Although Lawrence himself slept in barracks at nearby Bovington Camp, he let his guests stay overnight in this Bunk Room. He made the 'ships' cabin' bed himself and on top of it you can see his own sleeping bag. He also kept food in this room, such as cheese and nuts, in glass bell jars. He lined the room with metal foil to keep it cool.

An exterior view of the garage at Clouds Hill

The Motorbike Shed

Lawrence was passionate about motorbikes and owned several Brough Superiors during his time at Clouds Hill. These were the highest quality and fastest motorbikes available at the time. They were tailor-made for him and he kept them in this shed. Now the shed contains a display about Lawrence's life and basic facilities for making tea and coffee.

A picnic bench on the hill above the cottage with a view over the surrounding countryside

The view from the hill

In the evenings Lawrence loved to climb up to the top of the small hill overlooking the cottage. There he would spend time in quiet meditation and look down on his peaceful retreat. You can do the same now, perhaps while eating your sandwiches at the picnic bench.