Caring for the house over winter

Conservation assistants working in the house at Cragside

The house is closed Monday-Friday, with the ground floor open every Saturday and Sunday. Learn how it is cared for when it is closed.

Winter is one of the house team's busiest times. Every room in the house is cleaned, starting from the highest point on the ceiling, right down to the floor. Rooms such as the Drawing Room and Long Gallery require scaffolding to reach the high ceilings.

Because the collection in the house is so vast and varied, our conservation assistants use a mixture of brushes to clean with. Bristled hog's hair brushes are useful for getting into carved details on furniture, whereas soft pony hair brushes are ideal for removing dust from the more delicate items.

Everything in a room (unless too delicate) will be cleaned over the next couple of months, from light fittings, picture rails, furniture, and even the surface of oil paintings.