Lights of innovation by Violeta Tsenova

An installation hangs from the ceiling of the gallery

Lights of innovation is a suspended mixed-media installation which draws together light, sound and imagery to form a picture of female innovation at Cragside in past and present

Drawing on the themes of innovation and light, the installation looks to the future, redefining the way in which Cragside might share its magic as a visitor attraction with future audiences. Harnessing digital advancement and modern thinking, Lights of innovation aims to share stories with visitors beyond the simple use of display screens, audio guides, or mobile applications.
Placing Cragside at the forefront of this trend, this immersive and imaginative display aims to inspire change within the heritage sector. It provides a fresh and contemporary way for people to engage with history and archival material, embracing new and exciting ways to share stories of the past and visions of the future.

About the innovator

Violeta Tsenova is a PhD student in Critical Making and Innovation Heritage at Newcastle University.
Her research project explores critical making and the design of physical-digital interfaces
for heritage collections. With background in electronics, digital media and heritage
visualisation, she would like to argue and campaign that you can be studying in the Arts
whilst actively engaging with programming and electronics in your creative practice.

Violeta Tsenova
Violeta Tsenova working at her laptop
Violeta Tsenova