Rhododendron watch

Rhododendrons in bloom at Cragside, Northumberland

Although weather dependent, the rhododendrons are usually in bloom late May to early June

Visit Cragside as the estate is transformed into a wonderland of pink, purple and red rhododendrons.

The display is best to see at the start of June, with the flowers looking their best only for a couple of weeks.

The impressive show of Rhododendrons is complimented by bursts of Azaleas dotted around the estate, giving off a beautiful scent and showcasing vivid yellow and bright orange flowers. The Rhododendrons brighten up the grounds with delicate white, purple and pink flowers, which stand out dramatically against Lord Armstrong’s coniferous landscape.

The best way to see the Rhododendrons is by taking the historic carriage drive, and experience the magnificent display as Lord Armstrong’s guests would have done. Discover the magical Rhododendron labyrinth too, as it comes to life during this time of year.

We recommend the Gun Walk as the best walking route to see the rhododendrons; a three mile walk starting from the House. Click the link below to find out more.

View from the Gun walk

Gun walk at Cragside

Take a challenging stroll through the heart of Cragside and enjoy some of the estate's most stunning highlights.

The autumn colours starting to show at Cragside, Northumberland

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