Rhododendron watch at Cragside

Visitors walking through the Rhododendron

Each spring towards the end of May into the beginning of June, thousands of rhododendrons burst into bloom covering the estate in a sea of colour.

The impressive show of rhododendrons is complemented by bursts of azaleas dotted around the grounds, giving off a beautiful scent and showcasing vivid yellow and bright orange flowers.

Must Visit

Rock Garden

The rhododendrons are affectionately known as rhodie’s by the team at Cragside and the gardeners have created a 'Rhodie Ramble' through the Rock Garden with flower-shaped-signs to highlight some of the unique rhododendron's in the collection. Keep a look out for them as you meander through the web of paths round the House. For that perfect picture, head to the Iron Bridge where you will experience the dramatic view of the House sat on top of this colourful floral display. 

Carriage Drive

The Carriage Drive is a great way to see this spectacular display on four wheels. Hop in your car and follow this 6-mile circular route to the very top of the estate. As you turn the corners of the estate drive, you'll see flashes of colour across the rugged landscape ahead. 

Nelly’s Moss

The banks of Nelly’s Moss are covered in rhododendron. Nelly’s Moss offers a flat walk around this duo of man-made lakes. Once an integral part of Lord Armstrong’s hydro-electricity system, it’s now home a wildlife, including frogs, toads, the resident heron and a family of Greylag geese. Find a picnic bench and enjoy the views of the lake surrounded with purple flowers.


Join in the fun of #RhododendronWatch. Every year we fill the Cragside social media channels with photos and updates about the estate’s famous rhodies. Join in the fun and tag us with your photos using @NTcragside on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and #rhododednronwatch.