The Formal Garden

The Formal Garden in the snow, Cragside in Northumberland

Laid out in three terraces, the Formal Garden covers over three acres and is an idyllic, colourful spot to take in views of Northumberland. In the Formal Garden you'll find the Orchard House, Italian Terrace, and summer carpet bedding display.

The Orchard House

From now until the end of the year, the Orchard House is getting repainted. This has required scaffolding to be put up, which had caused limited access to the Orchard House and tropical fernery. Find out more about this project here

One of the largest surviving glasshouses dating from the 1870s, the building has three sections and was built to provide shelter from the Northumberland climate for the cultivation of hardy and tender fruits. Today, there are large earthenware pots producing fruits including figs and pears.

Scaffolding is essential for the maintenance of this listed building
Scaffolding covering the Orchard House

The Italian Terrace

The Italian Terrace is the centrepiece of the lowest level of the Formal Garden. The Loggia is a cast-iron structure, typical of Armstrong's innovations, combining familiar forms and material with a glass roof and sides and an open front.

Enjoy a stroll in the crisp fresh air
The loggia covered in a layer of frost

Getting ready for spring

If you visit the Formal Garden over the next month or so, you'll find the team planting the spring bedding for next year.

The gardening team are already gearing up for spring
Dug up soil and spades