Take a stroll along the paths in the Rock Garden

A birds-eye view of the Rock Garden showing purple and white flowers along the stone paths.

The grand Rock Garden surrounds the House and is at the heart of the Armstrong's engineered fantasy mountain landscape. As you explore this network of paths, lined with rhododendron, you'll hear the sound of artificial water cascades tumbling into the Debdon Burn below.

The sandstone that makes up the Rock Garden was mined from quarries dotted around the estate - the same stone used to build the House. If you look closely at some of the stone, you can still see evidence of where the straps were attached to haul that giant pieces of rock into place.

During the spring (late may May into June) to Rock Garden puts on its annual show as the azaleas and rhododendrons burst into bloom. There are hundreds of varieties to discover, and you can get up close to these striking flowers as you meander along the weaving paths. Enjoy the sweet smell of azaleas in the air and hear the gently hum of bees buzzing by as you explore.

For the picture-perfect moment, walk down the steps towards the Iron Bridge. As you reach the halfway point along the bridge, look back to experience the Armstrongs’ vision of the House sat atop the rugged landscape of rocks, rhododendrons and tumbling cascades.