Visit Lockwood Manor

The iron bridge and house at Cragside, photographed from the pinetum

In winter 2016, filming began in the grounds of Cragside that would later be used as Lockwood Manor in the latest installment of the Jurassic World films

Those familiar with Cragside will recognise the house, iron bridge, and surrounding coniferous landscape.

What may be not so familiar are the dinosaurs that are roaming around the roof of the house… we can assure you that you won't run into any velociraptors on your next visit.*

*No dinosaurs or red squirrels were harmed in the making of the film.

The income from this filming will contribute to the conservation of Cragside.

How did Cragside play host to dinosaurs?

Well, no dinosaurs actually visited Cragside, and instead the crew took plate shots which are a systematic photographic “scan” of the building. Then they combine those images on a computer with footage taken on set to create their ideal house.

How else is Cragside connected to dinosaurs?

As you walk around Cragside you’ll find plants that were around millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Some of the plants at Cragside that dinosaurs would have chomped on were:
- Ferns : found in the woods, ferns first appeared on earth 360 million years ago
- Conifers: first appeared on earth around 280 million years ago. Conifers are hard to miss at Cragside, just look up and you’ll see one.
- Mosses: these green, spongey plants first appeared on earth about 350 million years ago, and were a perfect meal for smaller dinosaurs as they grow on the ground and on rocks. Much easier to eat than conifer leaves!

We look forward to welcoming you Lockwood Manor soon!