Wildlife at Cragside

 A red squirrel at the base of a Cragside tree

Visit Cragside and explore the landscape and wildlife. With over 1,000 acres, 40 miles of footpaths, four lakes and gardens galore, you're bound to meet some of our more elusive inhabitants.


The Valley Garden is home to the Dipper which can fly and walk under water. In the Formal Garden in spring see the swallows flying over the top terrace pool. Or why not take a seat and listen out for the green woodpecker? In summer our formal garden is also a fantastic spot for bees and butterflies.

Nelly's Moss Lakes

Take a walk around the Nelly's Moss lakes. Herons have been spotted on the lake, towering over the shallows looking for their prey. Make you sure look out for the frogs and toads crossing the road.

Wildlife hide

The wildlife hide is the perfect place to spot birds and small mammals. Visit the wildlife hide, next to the formal garden and see what our feeding stations bring into view - if you're really lucky you might glimpse a red squirrel! If you do see a red squirrel, please let our staff know. 

Tumbleton Lake

On the outside of the Visitor Centre you'll see cupped House Martin nests in the warmer months. The lake is also inhabited by Greylag geese. Take a walk around Tumbleton and look out for wildflowers and insects.

Slipper Lake

In the summer this little lake is fantastic for spotting dragonflies and damselflies. These flying insects have amazing see-through wings and feed on other insects. Dragonflies have fixed wings like a plane and damselflies can fold theirs flat to their bodies when not in flight.
Badgers from the wildlife hide