Women and Power at Cragside

One of the innovators from Newcastle University works on a project

Home to pioneering industrialist and inventor Lord Armstrong and his wife Lady Margaret Armstrong, Cragside is a feat of Victorian engineering. With the house and landscape designed and created to harness the power of nature, it became the first home in the world to by lit by hydroelectricity. In 2018, which marks 100 years of women's suffrage, this engineering masterpiece becomes the backdrop for the stories and ideas of past, present and future female innovators with two brand new exhibitions

Two women using machinery in a factory during the First World War

Women of industry: industrial innovation? 

Discover the role of women in Lord Armstrong's Elswick Works factories during the First World War

One of the innovators, Violeta, programmes a reel of multicolour lights

Switched on! Shining a light on female innovation 

Switched on! Shining a light on female innovation, an exhibition in partnership with Newcastle University, will present a vision of Cragside for the future by talented local innovators

Outdoor signage for the Switched on! installations were designed and manufactured by Ford Street Studios

Women of industry: Industrial innovation?  and Shining a light on female innovation are running until 4 November 2018

" ‘However high we climb in the pursuit of knowledge we shall still see heights above us, and the more we extend our view, the more conscious we shall be of the immensity which lies beyond’."
- Lord William Armstrong