Winter wildlife at Cragside

As the leaves have fallen from the trees and the shrubs are bare for the winter, now is a great time to spot some of the resident wildlife on the estate. Keep a look out for red squirrels, roe deer and the migrating whooper swans on your visit this season. What will you spot on your next visit?

A Roe Deer in the woodland

Roe Deer

These timid animals can often be seen as the estate opens to visitors, meandering through the Rock Garden and into the woodland. If you are exploring Cragside on foot and see a shadow amongst the trees, stay quiet and still. You may spot a family of roe deer walking by, nibbling on saplings and small branches.

A red squirrel at Cragside

Red Squirrels

If you hear a rustle amongst the fallen leaves on a walk through the woodland, make sure you scan your eyes across the ground, you may spot one of the resident Red Squirrels out and about collecting food for the winter. But be quick, they’re quite shy and quick on their feet.

Whooper Swans on Nelly's Moss at Cragside

Whooper Swans

Every winter Whooper Swans who have migrated from the north take up residence on the lakes at Cragside including Nelly’s Moss. During milder winters the swans have been known to stay all season before flying back to Iceland and Scandinavian regions.

Look out for buzzards circling high above the trees

Birds of Prey

Don’t forget to look up on your visit. Northumberland is home to predatory birds including Barn and Tawny Owls, Buzzards and Kestrels. Look out for Buzzards spiraling above the treetops while Kestrels hover over fields looking for small rodents to feast upon. As the sun sets, Barn and Tawny Owls come out from the trees to hunt. See if you can hear the hoots of the Barn Owl and the shrieks of Tawny Owl before heading home.