Top 5 things to do at home from the 50 Things list

50 Things to do before you’re 11¾ is a creative list of activities to help you discover nature all around you. We’ve picked a top 5 this week which you can have a go at from home. Enjoy some cloud watching, make friends with a bug, create some wild art, watch a sun set and keep a nature diary.

Cloud Watching

Cloud Watching

During the day take a break from home schooling and working from home and take a moment to look outside. Sit on your doorstep, look out the window or lie on the ground in your back garden to look up at the sky for some cloud watching.

Ladybird on a leaf

Make friends with a bug

With the arrival of warmer days, lots of bugs have come out to play. Grab some binoculars or a magnifying glass and see what you can discover in your garden.

A wild art rainbow

Make some wild art

Using the beauty of nature, take a wander around your garden and pick up leaves, flower petals, buds, berries and grass and lay them out to make your very own wild art.

Pink tulips in a garden

Keep a Nature Diary

A nature diary is a great way to catalogue what you see every day. Dig out an old notebook and get scrap-booking or create a weekly update to share online with friends and family.

Sunset in the countryside with a silhouette of trees

Watch Sunset

Before going to bed make time to watch natures best light show. Pull up a seat at a window that faces west or find a comfortable spot in the garden and enjoy.