Fundraising for our Fountain Garden at Dinefwr

Fountain Garden at Dinefwr Black and White

This year we are fundraising for the restoration of our fountain garden. The fountain garden is situated at the back of Newton House and looks towards the medieval deer park.

The garden was a lawn when the National Trust bought Newton House in 1990, but the Trust restored the garden to its formal origins. The garden was replanted based on old plans and photographs from the Victorian era. We chose the Victorian era because in the centre of the garden stands a magnificent Romanesque fountain, installed in 1860.

Unfortunately, the fountain no longer works. The pipes are prone to leaking and the fountain basin has over the years started to crumble and break apart. We need your help to raise funds to conduct a survey on our fountain to assess exactly what work needs doing and then undertake the restoration.

We have already started work in the fountain garden, carrying out rejuvenation pruning on the Irish yews, as they had lost their intended ‘pillar’ shape, and replacing the Golden Yews around the fountain which had grown too large. So don’t be alarmed by their current look as yews are renowned for their powers of regeneration.

Raffle fundraising

Raffle tickets are for sale at Dinefwr and all money raised through the raffle sales will go towards our fountain garden restoration. If you buy a raffle ticket you could win £10,000, but importantly you will know that the pound or two you spent will help us conserve Dinefwr’s past for the future.