Guided Tours and Talks

Newton House roof space

Newton House is awash with history and interesting stories. Discover for yourselves why Newton House is so special on one of our house tours, each showcasing different aspects of the house’s history.

Hidden House Tour

This tour allows visitors to go behind closed doors into areas of the house not usually open to the public. Mainly focussing on the top floor, the tour highlights hidden features and hidden history that makes Newton House special. Go on a Hidden House Tour to discover how the children of the house would have kept themselves entertained and touch 350 year old original roof timbers.

Servants Tour

This tour takes visitors into the servants’ quarters. The tour winds its way through the traditional ‘downstairs’ area and out into the service courtyard, discovering how our servants lived and worked. Importantly, the tour focusses on the stories behind the names, bringing to life the servants who were vital to the smooth running of Newton House.

Quirky Stories Tour

Ts tour highlights the more unusual stories that Newton House has to offer. Taking you around the ground and first floors, the tour tells you details from the house’s past that you don’t always get to hear. On a Quirky Stories Tour you will discover what is hidden underneath the floorboards and why there is more to our paintings than meets the eye.

Check at the Visitor Centre to see which tours are running on the day you visit.