Keeping traditional orchards blossoming

Sarah Jones, Engagement Ranger Sarah Jones Engagement Ranger
Boy helps collect the apples at Dinefwr Heritage orchard.

Traditional orchards provide a perfect home for many birds, bees and insects but worryingly their number is in sharp decline. We’re determined to do what we can to preserve and protect this rare and valuable habitat and the wildlife that depends on it.

The Heritage Orchard at Dinefwr was planted by the National Trust in 2012 to help the conservation of heritage varieties of apples and pears.

Since then, our merry band of volunteers have continued to nurture and protect the fruit trees on a day to day basis and we’re pleased to say that their hard work has really paid off.  We now have a flourishing heritage orchard with 64 varieties of apples and pears providing a strong crop of fruit every year.


Why is the Dinefwr Heritage Orchard so special?

Commercial apple growers have concentrated on only a few varieties to suit popular tastes so many of the varieties that have been adapted to a specific locality have been forgotten or overlooked.

The fruit we have growing in The Dinefwr Heritage Orchard is extra special because they have been grafted from very old Welsh varieties that have survived in only a few specific areas around the country. The Marged Niclas, for example, is a variety only found in the Dinefwr area!


Where can I taste the Dinefwr apples and pears?

Every year the apples and pears from our heritage orchard are harvested and pressed to make juice and cider. Some are shared with our catering team to provide a special seasonal menu and the rest are available to our marvellous visitors. Pop into our courtyard shop and take a taste of Dinefwr home with you, all we ask is a small donation to help with our conservation work.


Where is the Heritage Orchard at Dinefwr?

Situated at Home Farm, the Heritage Orchard at Dinefwr is open to visitors all year round. You’ll often find our volunteers tending to the trees so feel free to ask them questions or even lend a hand.


Orchard Day at Dinefwr 21 September.

Join us for our Orchard Day on the 21 September, 2019 and help us celebrate the humble apple with taster sessions, apple pressing, expert talks and family challenges.