#SaveTheHerd at Dinefwr

White Park Cattle stood in front of Newton House, Dinefwr

We are in a race against time to save the future of our famous White Park Cattle. The cattle have been at Dinefwr for over one thousand years, but we now need to urgently raise £36,000 to buy a new bull and introduce new females to keep the bloodline alive and #SaveTheHerd.

Why are they so special?

Our White Park Cattle are a living link to our very distant past with records of them at Dinefwr dating back to the year 920 when they were referenced in the laws of Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good), who codified the laws of Wales.

With just 750 breeding females left in the world, these animals are rarer than the Giant Panda.

How can I help?

DONATE to Dinefwr’s White Park Cattle by texting COW to 70123 to donate £3 or by making a donation next time you visit the property.

This is a charity donation service. You will be charged £3, plus one message at your standard network rate. The National Trust will receive 100% of your donation. If you’d rather we didn’t contact you in future, text NOCOMMS NT to 70060. If you wish to discuss this mobile payment call 0203 282 7863. A Registered charity in England and Wales (no: 205846)



Stockman, Rhodri with White Park Calf

We're fundraising to #SaveTheHerd

Our Stockman, explains why we're fundraising to save our legendary herd of White Park Cattle

Dinefwr White Park Cow

White Park Cattle at Dinefwr

Our famous herd of White Park Cattle have a fascinating history that dates back to the year 920.

White Park Cattle at Dinefwr

The legend of Lady of the Lake at Dinefwr

The White Park Cattle of Dinefwr are associated with some of the most famous Welsh legends and folklore, none more so than the story of the Lady of the Lake at Llyn y Fan Fach.