The lake of reflections at Dinefwr

Oxbow lakes and River Tywi, Dinefwr Park, Carmarthenshire

There are many waterways in Wales that are nicknamed 'the lake of reflections' due to their tranquil stillness providing a glassy reflection of their surroundings. Most of these lakes provide the setting for some Welsh folklaw. Here's our story:

The tale goes back centuries, when the Welsh princes still lived at Dinefwr castle which is perched menacingly on the hill overlooking the Dinefwr estate. 

One day, the prince discovered that his wife had been walking at nearby 'Lover's Lane' with a local farmer. 

Enraged with jealousy he summoned the young farmer to the castle to punish him. But instead of sentencing him to immediate death, the prince decided to set the farmer a challenge.

The task was that the farmer should bring twenty White Park Cattle to the foot of Dinefwr Castle by the following day. 

An impossible task for the poor farmer, it became clear that the prince wasn't giving him a chance to save his life but wanted to belittle and embarrass the man before his execution.  

The farmer was not a wealthy man and only had ten White Park Cattle in his stock. He could not afford to buy the extra he needed to survive, so he succumbed to defeat and took one last walk around his beloved Dinefwr before facing his fate. 

As he gazed in awe at the beauty of this magnificent estate a thought occurred to him, a thought that would save his life.  He ran back to his farm as fast as he could and rounded his herd of White Park Cattle. They all walked to the foot of the castle and the farmer called upon the prince and said that he had passed his test. 

When the prince looked towards the farmer who was stood at the lake of reflections with his White Park cows lined up by his side, he could clearly see twenty cattle standing with the young man - ten standing in alignment on the bank of the lake and ten clearly reflected on the surface of the water.