Unlocked: 125 Objects from Dinefwr

Visit the Unlocked: 125 Objects from Dinefwr exhibition at Newton House, Dinefwr, Llandeilo

An exhibition unveiling a curated selection of treasures from the stores and collections at Dinefwr. Reflecting on the many and varied aspects of life at Dinefwr over the centuries, this glimpse into the history of the estate includes many items that have not been seen by the public before.

What happened to the family’s collection at Newton House?

Much of the original collection of objects and furniture belonging to the Rhys family estate was dispersed when the property was sold in the 1970s. What remained was scraps and oddments that revealed a fascinating insight into the life of the site and its occupation from Roman times through to the 20th century. 

Everything that remained was archived by our National Trust team when we first came to Dinefwr in 1990 and stored safely but hidden away. 

Our team have delved into those archives to uncover a wealth of objects, that haven’t been seen since being first placed in storage. 

Many of the objects are drawn from these finds and are shown alongside other historical items related to Dinefwr and its rich history and displayed in an ‘open store’ room. 

Why 125 items in the exhibition?

The exhibition was put together to celebrate the 125th birthday of the National Trust in 2020, sadly, the doors closed soon after it opened, we’ve extended the exhibition so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. 

How can I find out more information about each object?

Keep an eye out within the exhibition room – there are copies of the object list available which provide a snippet of information about each item. Do chat to the team when you’re on site, and if you know anything about the items, or remember using a similar one, we’d love to hear your stories. 

What appealed to you? 

Once you’ve had the opportunity to visit the exhibition, we’d love to know what objects appealed to you? There are many hidden treasures in the exhibitions, some that we know very little about. If you know anything about the objects or their stories, we’d love to learn more about them and add to the treasure trove of stories at Dinefwr. For example, the little metal leek decoration, why was that created, where was it used? And the donkey shoes – when were they actually last used for grass cutting at Dinefwr?