We're weather-proofing our trails

Two ladies walking in the autumn

Here at Dinefwr, where conservation of the land and wildlife is a key part of what we do, erosion of the park's vegetation is something we want to avoid. Our work will maintain the quality of the natural environment which makes Dinefwr so special and gives it a status of Wales' only parkland National Nature Reserve.

So why are we doing this work?

Increasing visitor numbers and footfall on some of our more popular routes is bound to have an effect on the paths, especially in the wetter months. We are seeing increased erosion of vegetation on our more popular paths which exposes the soil underneath which then results in these paths becoming muddy and often very slippery.

So what are we doing?

The improvement work will take place on several key areas of the park including the Deer Park, mill pond and front fields. In our first phase of work we will be working on the following paths:

  • Browns Path – Deer Park – Surfacing of 500m of path through the deer park to the vista point
  • Cattle Walk  - Newton House to Home Farm – Surfacing of 250m of path and drainage installation
  • Mill pond – extending the hard surfacing of the boardwalk across the mill pond wall.
  • Flood Plain track – levelling and compacting the existing path surface to prevent water holding on the surface.

Each year the National Trust spends around £160,000 on the Dinefwr property just to maintain access and undertake day to day land management work on the estate.

 It’s also worth noting that this figure doesn’t include any of the additional areas of the estate under its care such as Newton House and the other property buildings and facilities.

Over the next two years we will be investing a further £125,000 on our path network and conservation objectives to show our continued commitment and investment in ensuring our visitors continued enjoyment of the park and the protection of its flora and fauna.

Can you help?

Over the next two years you will see us weather-proofing the most popular Dinefwr paths, installing new gateways, sign posting, and carrying out hedge row and boundary restoration, road repairs, tree maintenance and scrub clearance as well as a number of temporary path diversions to aid ground cover to re-establish.

We ask that you be patient with us whilst this work is going on and do what you can to help us by following any health and safety signage or directional signage you come across.