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Stockman, Rhodri with White Park Calf

Hi I’m Rhodri, I’m the Academy Ranger here at Dinefwr Park and I help to look after the 800 acre parkland, a medieval herd of Fallow Deer and of course, our legendary herd of White Park Cattle.

You may have come across our campaign to raise funds to save our herd of White Park Cattle. Our cows are a real icon of Dinefwr and an important living link to our very long and distant past here. Did you know that they were mentioned in the laws of Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good) over a thousand years ago when he codified the laws of Wales from his seat of power at Dinefwr castle?

A lot of time has passed since then and now there are only around a thousand registered breeding females left in the world; that makes White Park Cattle rarer than the Giant Panda. We urgently need to increase the number of cows in the Dinefwr herd not only to save this magnificent animal from extinction, but to safeguard our links to Welsh history and to sustain the flower rich hay meadows on our estate.

Conservation machines

At the moment we have a lot of land and a herd of just 20 breeding females and 12 young followers. At the National Trust we have a responsibility to conserve our flower-rich hay meadows so that wildlife can thrive in our corner of Wales and beyond.

Since the Second World War, we have lost around 98% of our flowering hay meadows which has had a dramatic effect on biodiversity of wildlife.  Traditional breeds of cattle like our White Parks are the ideal tool for conservation grazing which helps to provide and sustain flowering hay meadows, which in turn provides vital habitats for all manner of insects, mammals and birds.

Dinefwr White Park Cow

White Park Cattle at Dinefwr

Our famous herd of White Park Cattle have a fascinating history that dates back to the year 920.

Flowers in meadow

Conservation Grazers at Dinefwr

Conservation machines; our White Park Cattle are our best tool for conserving our flowering hay meadows.

White Park Cattle at Dinefwr

The legend of Lady of the Lake at Dinefwr

The White Park Cattle of Dinefwr are associated with some of the most famous Welsh legends and folklore, none more so than the story of the Lady of the Lake at Llyn y Fan Fach.

Oxbow lakes and River Tywi, Dinefwr Park, Carmarthenshire

The lake of reflections at Dinefwr

The lake of reflections makes you look more wealthy than you are