Climb a tree at Dinefwr Park and Castle, Carmarthenshire

Children playing in the woodland at Dinefwr Park and Castle, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales

‘I really like climbing trees in Dinefwr because you can see so far when you are up there. Last year, we had a go at climbing with a harness and I got almost to the top.’ - Harrison Cole Cooper, aged 7

There are thousands of trees at Dinefwr, it is famous for them and is one reason why it's a Parkland National Nature Reserve. While some trees are over 600 and quite precious, there are a few corkers that are perfect for climbing.
The best one is the 'Phoenixing oak’. It’s not far from the welcome centre and it’s brilliant for beginners, with a branch that has grown long and reaches the ground for a great starting point.