How we're working to look after the Lake District

A view of Great Gable from Lingmell Summit in Wasdale Cumbria

So many people love the Lakes. The area plays a part in the lives of millions of people as a place to visit on holiday; hiking, swimming, sailing, camping out under the stars. For local communities it’s a place they call home and where they work.

We have been looking after special places in the Lake District on behalf of the nation for the past 120 years. It’s our birthplace, our spiritual home, somewhere we care deeply about. It's here that we look after England's highest mountain and deepest lake, over 20% of the national park and all manner of wildlife and habitats.

The landscapes in the Lakes have a timeless beauty you'll often hear described as 'natural'. But in reality, these wild landscapes have been tamed and adapted to meet the needs of society. And whilst the Lakes may look picture-perfect, this landscape isn't in perfect health.


A changing landscape

With rapid changes in the environment and the economy, our needs are changing. And the landscape's needs are, too. We are playing our part in leading the thinking about how to manage this land for the good of society and of nature in that context of change. It’s not just about how we look after the special places in our care as the National Trust, but also about the role we play in the whole of the Lake District.

" A sort of national property, in which every man has a right and an interest who has an eye to perceive and a heart to enjoy."
- William Wordsworth

Here's some of our people in the Lakes

" It’s such a wonderful place – the scenery, the people. When it came time to retire we moved up here because we were always holidaying here – spending the holidays here with the kids since they were knee-high. It’s just a fantastic place to be."
- David Brooks, Fix the Fells volunteer

The Lake District becomes a World Heritage Site 

The Lake District has become a World Heritage Site joining iconic locations such as the Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef and Grand Canyon as a place of international acclaim.