Magnificent Meadows in Wales

Rare orchids grow in the hay meadow

Taking a stroll through a wild meadow at sunrise or sunset in summer is a magical moment. Sadly, around 97% of meadows have been lost since the 1930’s, but through the ‘Magnificent Meadows Cymru’ partnership project with Plantlife, we are reviving and restoring meadow landscapes across Wales, for everyone to enjoy. Take a wander through one on National Meadows Day on 2 July and throughout the summer and get a closer to nature.


Take a moment in a meadow..

In partnership with Plantlife Cymru, we are reviving and restoring meadows in Wales, so nature can thrive and for everyone to enjoy.

North Wales
Mid Wales
Summer meadow at Paxton's Tower

Paxton's Tower

A sea of meadow surrounds this tower perched on a hill above the Towy Valley.

South Wales