May half-term on the Isle of Wight in 2017

This article was about our May half-term activities in 2017. We’ll be updating this with 2018 event information next year. We’ve lots of exciting events to keep boredom at bay this half-term on the Isle of Wight. Whether you're a budding bug hunter ready to test your skills under the cover of darkness at Newtown, an adventurous explorer keen to discover ancient sites at Mottistone, or someone who likes a wildlife challenge, you'll find plenty to do at our places throughout the holiday. And while you’re exploring, you’re helping us look after all that nature too.

A wild holiday

All things creepy-crawly, cute, fluffy, and squawky love our National Trust countryside. And when we carefully look after over 5000 acres on the Isle of Wight, it means there’s lots of wildlife for you to go hunting for. Whilst exploring Bembridge Windmill, you’re more than likely to spot colourful butterflies dancing through the meadows and lanes around the windmill. And if you follow our trail boards, you’ll become an expert in telling blue and white ones from spotty red ones (Butterfly ID trail, Sat 27 May – Sun 4 June 10.30am-4.30pm).

The peacock is one of our most beautiful butterflies
Peacock butterfly on a flower

If hunting for wildlife is too easy during the day, what about searching for it at night? At Newtown on 1 June (7.45pm-22.15pm) you can do exactly that. As the darkness descends, see what creatures of the night emerge. Bats, bugs, moths, owls…..but what else will you find as well?

Behind closed doors

Peer behind the ancient doors of Mottistone Manor and discover the fascinating history of this private home. Open to the public for just two special days each year (Sun 28 & Mon 29 May), Mottistone is a house full of hidden treasures. As you wind your way around the rooms, you’ll discover how the home was restored by the Seely family, and find out about the interesting objects collected by the family over the years.

A challenge for half-term

Up at the Needles we have an important wildlife conservation challenge for you. We need you to gather, collect, photograph and draw as many natural items as you can so that we can display them as a piece of wild art. Then we can show everybody else just why this area of outstanding natural beauty is so special and needs protecting (Mon 29 May 11.30am-3.30pm).

On Tuesday 30 May (10.30am-4.30pm) , head to Mottistone Gardens and see how many of your 50 things activities you can tick off in one day. Try making a kite and watching it bob and dance in the breeze, or let the grass tickle your feet on a bare foot walk through our maze. With so many plants around, plant it, grow it, eat it, is easy peasy too.

Fly a kite
A young girl at the 2014 Dunstable Kite Festival, on the Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire.