Monthly payment terms

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Terms and conditions for payment of annual membership fees by monthly instalment.

Monthly Direct Debit payment terms and conditions

Your Membership

You agree to take out the selected National Trust membership for one year.

We will write to you shortly before the end of your membership year and supply you with a new
membership card for the following year. You will be given the opportunity to tell us if you do not
want to renew your membership for the following year.

Your Membership Fee

Your membership fee is payable in instalments, which (unless the section headed 'Failure to Pay
Your Membership Fee' below applies), only become due on a monthly basis as your annual
membership progresses. Your instalment amounts and the dates on which they become payable
will be set out in the payment schedule which we will send you as part of your membership
welcome or renewal letter.

You have agreed to pay by Direct Debit and the Direct Debit guarantee terms are on the reverse of
your membership receipt or within the marketing communication you received.

Failure to Pay Your Membership Fee

If you fail to pay the National Trust any instalment due within seven days of the date set out in the
payment schedule, we will write to you and give you the opportunity to either pay that instalment,
or pay all instalments due for the remainder of your membership year, by alternative means.

If you then fail to pay the relevant amount due by the required date, we will write to you again to
ask you to pay all instalments due for the remainder of your membership year.

Unfortunately, if you then fail to pay this amount by the required date your National Trust
membership will immediately be closed.

Please note that these provisions will not apply if your failure to pay is due to bank or National
Trust error.