Play your part in keeping Divis Mountain safe and litter free

Family preparing for a walk on Divis mounatin. Children are in the back of the car which has its boot open as father helps thenm put on wellies. Its raining.

Help us to ensure Divis and the Black Mountain is a safe, clean and beautiful natural environment for everyone to enjoy by following these guidelines.

Divis and the Black Mountain attracts over 200,000 visitors a year, most of who respect this beautiful place and the local community that live here.

Recently the Belfast ranger team have faced a growing problem with anti-social behaviour on the mountain including fly tipping, bad parking, dogs off leads, littering and BBQs. The thoughtless actions of a few not only spoil the enjoyment of this beautiful site for others, but also pose a risk to people and the sites unique, diverse wildlife.

If you're planning a visit to Divis and the Black Mountain, please follow these guidelines:

The Divis Shuttle

Sunday 26 December to Sunday 9 January 

  • Translink are working with the National Trust team in Belfast to provide a shuttle bus service from Sunday 26 December to Sunday 9 January.
  • The shuttle bus service will run at hourly intervals starting at 9am from Blacks Road Park and Ride.
  • The shuttle bus will run between 9am and 4pm and is free to users.
  • The shuttle is dog and pram friendly
  • Pickup and Dropoff points are Blacks Road Park & Ride - Colin Connect - Glencolin Terminus - Lamh Dhearg - Divis Mountain

Travelling by car

  • Divis has two car parks which quickly fill up during peak times. Please check if there are spaces in the upper car park first before parking in the lower car park.
  • If you are planning on visiting by car, consider travelling when it’s quieter such as mid-week or early morning and late afternoons at the weekend
  • If the car park is full, please come back another time
  • Do not park on Divis Road as this results in traffic congestion which restricts access for the local community and emergency services

Walking your dog

  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times
  • Cattle graze on Divis Mountain and can be spooked by dogs off leads
  • Dogs running off leads can also disturb ground nesting birds and local wildlife like the Irish hare.
  • Please pick up your dog pooh, bag it and bin it. If the bins are full please bring it home with you and dispose of it responsibly.

More information on our dog policy can be found here

Cycling or mountain biking

  • Please stay on the tarmac path when you are cycling up and down the mountain. For more information please read our access statement found under 'Facilities and Access' on the homepage. 
Cattle graze on Divis and the Black mountain from spring to autumn
Cattle graze Divis and the Black Mountain
Cattle graze on Divis and the Black mountain from spring to autumn

Eating and drinking on the mountain

  • We love to see people enjoying picnics on the mountain or take-away food from our café but please, dispose of your rubbish responsibly
  • If the bins are full, please take your rubbish home with you
  • Please do not use disposable barbecues as there is a risk of grass fires starting, especially in the summer.

Thank you for your support in looking after this special place.

Family walking in the countryside

Follow the Countryside Code 

With more people than ever enjoying our coast and countryside places, we’re asking for your help in looking after them during your visit. Please help us protect wildlife and landscapes by following the Countryside Code, which includes taking any litter home with you and not lighting a barbecue or campfire.