Quiz of the Week: Oxburgh Hall

View of Oxburgh Hall through the trees

How well do you know some of the places in our care in the East of England? Test your knowledge, challenge your friends and family, and learn something new along the way with our weekly quiz.

1.    What’s the name of the village in which Oxburgh Hall resides?

A.    Oxburgh
B.    Oxborough
C.    Oxbridge

2.    Built in 1482, what family have called this home for 500 years?

A.    Buxton family
B.    Hyde-Parker family
C.    Bedingfeld family

3.    How did the King’s and Queen’s Room get their names?

A.    The family wanted visitors to feel like royalty
B.    They commemorate a royal visit
C.    Oxburgh was used as a get-away by the royal family

4.    What’s concealed beneath a trap door in the garderobe?

A.    A safe
B.    A priest’s hole
C.    A secret tunnel

5.    The needlework of which royal helped create the Marian Hangings?

A.    Catherine of Aragon
B.    Elizabeth I
C.    Mary, Queen of Scots

6.    Why did the family lose its fortune during the reign of Elizabeth I?

A.    They were persecuted for their Catholic faith
B.    The owner had a gambling problem
C.    The family got carried away on house repairs

7.    What happened to the house during the Civil War?

A.    It was ransacked, partially burnt down and confiscated by Parliament
B.    It fell into disrepair from neglect
C.    It remained a bustling family home away from the trouble

8.    What happened to Sir Henry during the Civil War?

A.    He fled abroad 
B.    He was imprisoned in the Tower of London
C.    He became a recluse

9.    The Parterre was inspired following a trip to which country?

A.    Norway
B.    France 
C.    Austria

10.    In a nod to his wife, what did the 6th Baronet name one of the woods?

A.    Margaret’s Wood
B.    Maggie’s Wood
C.    My Lady’s Wood

Answers: 1B, 2C, 3B, 4B, 5C, 6A,7A, 8B, 9B, 10C