Quiz of the Week: Sutton Hoo

The Sutton Hoo helmet sculpture

How well do you know some of the places in our care in the East of England? Test your knowledge, challenge your friends and family, and learn something new along the way with our weekly quiz.

1.    In which decade was the great ship burial discovered at Sutton Hoo? 

A.    1920s
B.    1930s
C.    1940s

2.    The ship would have been dragged uphill to its final resting place from which river?

A.    River Orwell
B.    River Stour
C.    River Deben

3.    Who was the self-taught Suffolk archaeologist who discovered the famous ship burial?

A.    Basil Brown
B.    Basil Brush
C.    Basil Fawlty

4.    Who is thought to have been laid to rest in the burial chamber of the 89ft ship?

A.    King Ethelred the Unready
B.    Alfred the Great 
C.    King Rædwald 

5.    Due to the region’s acidic soil, only a ghost of the ship was left behind, but what part survived?

A.    Wooden oars
B.    Sail cloth
C.    Iron rivets

6.    Of the three Anglo-Saxon ship burials in England, two are at Sutton Hoo, where is the other?

A.    Rendlesham
B.    Snape
C.    Dunwich

7.    How many different animals are there on the great gold belt buckle?

A.    1
B.    13
C.    35

8.    Where did landowner, Mrs Pretty, reportedly put the treasure for safe keeping?

A.    She stashed the objects under her bed
B.    She hid them in her wardrobe
C.    She locked them in the kitchen pantry 

9.    Edith's son, Robert, lost or perhaps even buried what, for later archaeologists to discover?

A.    Pair of glasses
B.    Toy car
C.    Roller-skates

10.    During the Blitz, the treasures were hidden once more, but where?

A.    A quarry in Wales
B.    A disused London Underground tunnel
C.    A crypt in a local church

Answers: 1B, 2C, 3A, 4C, 5C, 6B, 7B, 8A, 9C, 10B