Save your favourite National Trust places on our website and mobile app

Derwentwater in the Lake District, Cumbria

Want to keep track of all the National Trust places you’d love to visit or keep a record of all the places you’ve already been to? We’ve just launched a new option on our website which allows you to do just that.

Using My Places, you’ll be able to list all the places you’ve visited as well as the places that you’d like to visit in the future. From one page you’ll be able to see at a glance whether your favourite places are open and click through for further information.

Getting started

To do this, you’ll need to create a My National Trust account. You don’t have to be a member to do this; you’ll just need an email address and a password.

If you are a member, you’ll also be able to use your account to:

  • Update your address and contact details online
  • View and renew your personal and gift memberships
  • Request a replacement membership card or car sticker
  • Amend and set up Direct Debits
  • Choose how we contact you
  • Help us reinvest in special places by managing your details online

To register, select the Sign in / register link which is displayed at the top of each page on our website, and choose ‘Register now’. If you already have a My National Trust account, simply login using your existing details.

For mobile app users there are register links available to create an account from the app. 

How to favourite a place on the website

Once you’ve activated your account, you’re all set to start saving your favourite places. Go to any place homepage on our website where you’ll find a ‘Save to My places’ button, located just under the overview information.

Click on the Save to My places icon to 'favourite' a place
Property homepage displaying the Save to My Places icon used to favourite a place
Click on the Save to My places icon to 'favourite' a place

Click the button to choose whether you want to add to ‘Places I want to visit’ or ‘Places I have visited’. 

How to favourite a place on the mobile app

Go to any property page and select the “save to My Places’ button (iOS users) or the heart icon (Android users) and then choose whether you want to add to ‘Places I want to visit’ or ‘Places I have visited’.

Viewing all your favourites

To view all the places you’ve favourited, click on your account icon at the very top of the page. 
Alternatively, click on the ‘Saved to My Places’ button on a place that you’ve already added to your favourites. Then select ‘Manage My Places’ which will take you to your My National Trust account. 

From here you can view your lists of places you’ve visited or want to visit.

A list of favourite places on My National Trust
Favourited places on My National Trust
A list of favourite places on My National Trust

You can also move places from your wish list to ‘Places I have visited’ once you’ve been. The handy map view option allows you to see all of your saved places on a map.

A map of favourite places on My National Trust
Favourited places on My National Trust
A map of favourite places on My National Trust

Questions you may have: 

I currently use the National Trust mobile app to save my places. Can I view these from within My National Trust?

Yes it’s now possible to update your saved places across any device with the app installed or via the website (which also works on mobiles). Just sign in to your My National Trust account and My Places will be synced automatically.

You can download the mobile app using the links here:

Download IOS app

Download Android app

Adding My Places via Mobile App

Users of our mobile app (available on iOS and Android) can also manage My Places lists which can be synced automatically with the website.

If you have previously saved My Places on an older version of the app, these will have been stored on your device. When you sign-in for the first time, those places will be saved to your account. If there are any places you have saved on the website, then our system will merge the data for you.

Why do I need to sign-in?

To ensure My Places are safely stored and synced across devices and with the website you will need to sign into your My National Trust account (this is free to create and no membership is needed).

I signed up for My National Trust as a non-member, but would now like to add my member details to manage my membership online. How can I do this?

Login to My National Trust and select the ‘I’m a member’ button from the ‘Don’t forget to…’ section. You’ll need your member or supporter number to get started.

I have an existing My National Trust account – has the sign in process changed?

Yes, it has. When you sign in now, you won’t be taken directly to your dashboard. This will allow you to browse our places and add them to your favourites. When you want to view your account, select the icon in the top right of your screen (this will be in the menu on mobile devices).