Teneriffe is a working farm, which is in the care of National Trust tenant Will Watson and his family. Will keeps hardy Dexter and Red Devon cattle which graze out on the cliffs at Predannack and in the fields year round.

The farm supports a wealth of wildlife, and is rightly recognised as one of the National Trust’s most important farms in the country for nature. The thin soils over rocky outcrops are home to some tiny rare plants, including rushes, ferns and liverworts, and wild asparagus grows on the cliffs. You may be lucky enough to see wild choughs or peregrines along the coast. Will works hard to ensure his farming is wildlife friendly. In addition to his cattle, he grows barley and plants a plot of bird seed each year, which acts like a living bird table, attracting in flocks of finches and skylarks.

Dexter cattle from Teneriffe Farm grazing at Predannack
Dexter cattle grazing at Predannack
Dexter cattle from Teneriffe Farm grazing at Predannack

During your stay you may find yourself waking up to the sound of chickens as they free range around the farm and campsite, to find out more about the farm and the way Will works for nature you can join him on his popular free weekly farm walks in the summer holidays for a stroll around his fields.

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