Why I volunteer at Basildon Park

Room guide Diane Felton talks to visitors on the terrace at Basildon Park

Diane Felton works two days a week as a tour guide / room guide and as part of the admin support team in the estate office. She loves the fact that she can indulge two of her passions - chatting with people and history - at Basildon Park.

"I didn’t realise that being a room guide was something you could get involved in as a volunteer. I certainly didn’t realise that it was something that was open to everybody. 

"I’ve always loved history and historic houses and when I saw a notice in the tea rooms at Basildon Park saying ‘Come and join us,’ I thought ‘What a wonderful idea.’

"Once you get here there’s some training and the information is all there for you, it’s up to you how much you take on board. I’m someone who, if you give me a job, I just dive right in and I’ve done lots of research about Basildon Park. 

"I love showing off the house, I’m very proud of it. And I love meeting people and the interaction with the visitors. The staff here are so friendly, I feel like we’re one big team."

If you'd like information about joining the team please call 01491 672 382 or email us.