Felbrigg Flower Ladies

Pink floral arrangement

Our Volunteer flower arrangers do amazing things to make the main rooms at Felbrigg look delightful throughout the year and especially at Harvest festival.

Every Saturday morning without fail, you will find some of the volunteer flower arrangers in early at Felbrigg in order to have the flower displays in the rooms for 11.00 opening. Throughout the summer the flowers are supplied from our walled garden, but often early in the year when suitable blooms are in short supply, the ladies will bring flowers in from their own gardens. A team of nine, they work on a rota (normally coming in once a month).   

Jean Breward, who also  arranges at Norwich Cathedral twice a year, has been working with the team at Felbrigg for almost 20 years. Previously with Leicester and County  Flower Lovers Guild and since moving to Norfolk a member of Holt flower club, she has been a member of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) for 42 years.

" On the whole, I loved flowers as a small child and was never happier than when in a field of buttercups or bluebells. Flower arranging has brought me a vast amount of pleasure and friends."
- Jean Breward

None of them are professional florists but all are gifted amateurs, and some of them are also Room Guides.  They do ask the gardeners to grow specific flowers and foliage for them, but sometimes have to be disappointed eg Chrysanthemums just do not like growing at Felbrigg - but Dahlias thrive.

On special occasions such as Harvest Festival all the ladies are in, each one with a specific room arrangement to create.  Ask them why they do it and they will tell you it is because they love it.

Flowers for the Hall at harvest
A mixed floral arrangement for harvest
Flowers for the Hall at harvest