Spring at Felbrigg

Cows in amongst the daffodils in front of Felbrigg Hall

Spring is blooming at Felbrigg, and throughout the estate we have lots to look out for. With daffodils galore, Easter fun, and chicks in the garden it is the perfect time to visit.

Seasonal highlights

Tulips flowering in the Walled Garden at Felbrigg

Spring bulbs

Tulips and camellias are just two of the garden highlights at Felbrigg in spring. This is the season where you can really appreciate the work that goes in, with spring colour, and the beginnings of the Walled Garden peak season.

Spring lambs

Lambing season

If you visit Felbrigg in spring, signs of new life can be spotted everywhere. You will find lambs and calves around the estate, and if you are lucky you might even spot newly born chicks in the Walled Garden.

Daffodils blooming on the Felbrigg Estate

Woodland walks

As you wander the estate during spring, seasonal blooms will appear in your eye line. As the snowdrops fade, daffodils begin to appear, and later in the season you may also spot clusters of bluebells. Reasons to revisit for sure.