Volunteer profile: meet Deanna

Volunteer Retail Assistant, Felbrigg Hall

Deanna Tyce - Volunteer Retail Assistant

De is one of the Retail Volunteers working in the shop at Felbrigg Hall.

Retail Volunteer Deanna in the shop at Felbrigg

Why did you become a volunteer at Felbrigg Hall?

When I retired, I felt I wanted and needed to do something and as I already had a couple of friends that were already working and volunteering. 

What do you love about volunteering at Felbrigg?

Friendship with staff and other volunteers in the shop. Really enjoy meeting and talking to people that visit us in the shop. I like the flexibility volunteering brings in terms of when I can come and help in the shop.

Where’s your favourite spot at Felbrigg?

My favourite spot is down by the lake, its so lovely down there. I also enjoy walking through the woods especially in the spring with all the leaves out.

What’s surprised you most about volunteering?

How easy it was to join and get started. I also volunteer with another organisation and really enjoy the friendships and how rewarding volunteering is. 

What have you learnt since joining the team?

I've leant how to use the till! Now I am learning all over again as I haven’t used the till since start of all the lockdowns. I've also leant a lot about the National Trust and what the organisation does, and about service and how we can support people during their visit and all the questions they ask. The top question for the shop is…. Where are the toilets?!

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?

Go for it. If you really interested in an area of work, find out more. It’s a lovely place to volunteer and everyone is so helpful and friendly.