Rewiring Felbrigg Hall

New wires in the wall awaiting connection

Felbrigg has completed undergoing major works in order to update our electrical systems. Show rooms have been packed up, floorboards taken up and unseen spaces explored.

South Front of Felbrigg
South Front of Felbrigg
South Front of Felbrigg

Follow our journey as we took on rewiring a 17th century house.

Latest updates

28 Apr 17

The project draws to a close

After seven months of hard work, and roughly 5000 man-hours, the Rewiring Project has finally come to a close. As a special thank you to the electricians, one of them was allowed to sign the list of contractors’ signatures in the cellars that date back to the late 1800’s for posterity’s sake. The project has been a huge undertaking for the property staff, the contractors and the volunteers of Felbrigg – the Project Conservation Assistant sends her thanks to all involved. Now Felbrigg is one big step closer to being safeguarded for the future.

End of rewiring project

03 Apr 17

Rewiring the attics

Work has been continuing on, and the electricians are in the attics now. Rewiring this space has been one of the more interesting areas to be in. The contractors have to be constantly on the look-out for bats who like to hang out in the roof, or in confined spaces, or dealing with wires that disappear under floorboards into unknown spaces. Felbrigg certainly keeps them on their toes!

Rewiring the attics

27 Mar 17

Rewiring the Old Kitchen

The house is now open to the public, but the rewiring project continues on. This means that advantage must be taken of the beginning of the day before the public come in for larger pieces of work. Here you can see the electricians at work in the Old Kitchen, replacing the light fitting to something safer and more historically in keeping with the period. The ceiling is very high in this room, therefore a simple ladder would not do!

Rewiring the kitchen