February half term adventures

Pull on your woollies and welly boots for a stomping good half term holiday in North Yorkshire. See spiders' webs glisten in the frost and hear the birds chattering at the bird hide. Find your own connection with nature and engage your senses on the family trail, through craft and stargazing. Plus, see if you can spot the first signs of spring: snowdrops.

Nature is all around us but if we don't know what we're missing until it's gone then we're in trouble. Learning to love the wildlife, plants and landscape all around us is part of the fun of growing up. Rolling in the mud, building dens and making fun things out of sticks. Bring the kids along to get outside this half term and discover what you can do with your family below.

Stargazing - Sold out

Thursday 20th February


Twinkling high above us are billions of stars. Join York Astro Society this February half term to learn all about them and gaze through a telescope to see which ones you can spot.

Book onto Stargazing here

Pick up a welly wander trail

Saturday 15 February (until Sunday 23 February)


Bring the kids along for this interactive trail around the abbey and water garden. Engage their senses while surrounded by nature so pull on wellies and woollies to have a stomp and splash about outside in the fresh air this February half term.

Oak leaves
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Oak leaves

Get crafty in Swanley Grange

You might have guessed by the name 'grange' but Swanley Grange is an old farm, which used to support the monks who lived at the abbey. They had lots of sheep and the wool made the abbey very rich. Today you can visit these old grange buildings to learn more about its past and all the different types of wool. Come to have a go at some wild and woolly crafts for yourself.

Make a friendship band for someone special

Tuesday 18 February (also Thursday 20 February)


We feel whole and happy when we have lots of loved ones around us. Let your family and friends know that you love having them around and appreciate their support with a handmade friendship bracelet. It's free so pop along to the workshop at medieval farm Swanley Grange to get creative with colourful wool.

Create a winter scene

Saturday 15 February (until Sunday 23 February)


Trees are very important to keeping the air clean and healthy. If you could make your own forest, what would it look like? Would it have giant trees in or would they be small and bushy? Come along to make your own out of twigs from the estate.

Find all events that are going on at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal here

Don't miss the playground

There's a large play area only 2 minutes from the visitor centre. With the restaurant, toilets and baby change very close by it's an ideal place to bring the kids on a day out. No adventure would be complete without a thorough test of the play ground. Swing as high as you can, climb all over a wooden abbey, zoom down the zipwire and discover a new tower!

Boy on slide in play area at Fountains Abbey

Discover the play area 

Wondering what to do with the kids while in Yorkshire? Keep them entertained for hours at the large play area at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. There’s a huge area bursting with fun and challenges for all abilities and room for plenty of imagination too. Find out what you can do at the play area and more about the facilities available here.

If you want to keep your coffee topped up, bring your re-usable cup for 25p off each hot drink.

Get 25p off your hot drink when you bring your reusable cup
Holding a reusable coffee cup at Fountains Abbey
Get 25p off your hot drink when you bring your reusable cup


We know it's a pretty big site and that little legs can sometimes struggle to manage going all the way down to the water garden. If you'd like to visit the garden but not sure you can make it back, there's a donation based minibus service running between the three entry points to the site: the visitor centre, Studley Royal and West Gate. If you'd like to make use of this service to be able to explore a little further, you just need to ask for the minibus at the admissions point.

Catch the minibus from one end of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal to the other
Catch the minibus from one end of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal to the other
Catch the minibus from one end of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal to the other

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