No more soggy feet in Fountains Abbey

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The River Skell runs straight through the Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal estate. It's full of life and a tranquil place except...

When there's heavy rainfall at any point in the year the river is prone to flooding, and surface water builds up throughout the abbey. 

There's not much drainage in place inside the abbey currently due to the archaeological importance of the site and as a result it takes water a long time to disappear from the pathways in the abbey. This is because the paths have been made out of materials that don't let the rain or floodwater to soak through, which means it sits on top as surface water.  While there are a few little wellie-clad feet that may like jumping in all the puddles, not many people like wet feet - especially if they're wanting to go on and explore the garden too.

Surface water sits on the abbey pathway
Surface water sits on the abbey pathway
Surface water sits on the abbey pathway

Wandering around the abbey is a great way to spend a morning and we don't want soggy feet to spoil it so our landscape team have put new paths in place. These new pathways were chosen to be sustainable and to be in keeping with the original abbey masonry. They allow water to soak through into the earth below meaning nice and dry feet because there's no water swamping the path.

This is the first phase of the abbey paths being improved. Each phase of path improvements costs £35,000. The next phase will be starting from next April. 

Laying a water permeable surface in the abbey
Laying a water permeable surface in Fountains Abbey
Laying a water permeable surface in the abbey
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