Summer holiday fun at Gibside

With over 600 acres of gardens and woodlands here, which includes the awesome Strawberry Castle play area and low ropes course, there's always something fun to do during the summer holidays. This year, we've got a nature trail available every day and an activity theme planned for each week too, each one runs from 11am to 3pm.

Child completing a trail

Nature explorer trail, 21 July-2 September

Every day of the holidays, you can pick up a free trail from visitor reception. The trail will take you into the woods where there'll be a series of clues to solve. How? By finding a brass rubbing point which will reveal the answer. When you’ve solved the clues you can claim your nature explorer sticker.

A trail at Polesden Lacey, Surrey

Storytelling week, 23-27 July

Meet with storyteller Chris Bostock and enjoy an hourly story nature walk. You’ll collect nature objects as you go to create a story. (walk is 45mins, every hour).

Shoes walking

Blindfold rope trail, 30 July-3 August

We've designed a course in the woods. The difference with this one is to follow it... whilst wearing a blindfold. How do you think you'll do? Good luck.

Boys building a den in the trees

Den building, 6-10 August

There are lots of woods within Gibside which are perfect for den building. Will your den have one room, or two? A garage? It's entirely up to you what you build using the natural materials that you find.

Two boys at a table with leaves, rocks and pens

Giant nature pictures, 13-17 August

This is an opportunity to get creative. The aim is to make some wild art and then contribute to the giant nature pictures.

The bird ringing team with a blue tit

Bird ringing, 20-24 August

Get up close to a range of small birds - some of which you might spot in your garden and would like to know more about - hear about their migration patterns and how we track them. It's fascinating.

A girl holding twigs

Mouse house building, 12-31 August

This is no mean feat. Using a range of natural materials can you engineer a tiny house the right size for a mouse? It's challenging and fun at the same time.