Conservation in action at Greenway Boathouse

A conservation project has been taking place to restore the iconic Boathouse to its former glory, and ensure its safety for years to come. The work began in the autumn of 2015, and continued in the autumn of 2016. The exterior walls and Saloon have all had some much needed TLC.

The project began

There was a large oak tree growing at a steep angle overhanging the building, which was removed in September 2015. The removal of this tree ensured the safety of the Boathouse in the future, and allowed us to improve the nearby paths which were steep and uneven due to the roots that were growing underneath them. There was a smaller oak tree nearby which has also had some maintenance work carried out on it. Both of the trees were common English Oaks, neither of which were veteran trees. The timber from the trees has been reused and recycled on site.


Conserving the Boathouse

Once the trees were down work began on the conservation of the outside of the building. Scaffolding was shipped to the site on a barge on the River Dart, and the chimney was repaired and the leadwork around it replaced. The doors and shutters have been repainted. 
In October 2016 the lyme render above the plunge pool door was removed, and reinstated where it had previously fallen into a state of disrepair. The brick-style markings which you could see drawn in to the existing render have been replicated, and it has been painted. 


Sorting out the Saloon

The next step was to remove the old gypsum plaster, in the Boathouse Saloon, repair the ceiling and restor the interior. The gypsum plaster was be replaced with lyme plaster, which allows the building to breathe, and a small wood burner has been installed. The Saloon is now light, bright and airy; the perfect place to take a seat and enjoy the river views. 

Now the trees that were growing dangerously close to the Boathouse have been removed, it has opened the space out
The Boathouse at Greenway as seen from the River Dart

Thank you

Funds raised through raffle ticket sales over a couple of years were used to support this project. Without your donations, this important building, perfectly situated by the river to enjoy stunning views which also means it's incredibly exposed to the elements, would have fallen into disrepair. 
The Boathouse is looking fresher now it has had the roof fixed and been repointed
The Boathouse at Greenway on a winter day