Getting closer to nature at Greenway

Visitors wildlife spotting from Greenway Boathouse

Greenway's relaxed woodland garden on the edge of the River Dart is the perfect place for a bit of wildlife watching in early summer.

Birds and seals at the Boathouse

The Boathouse is Greenway's number one spot for wildlife watching. There are binoculars there and a wildlife spotter board where you can write up what you've seen. The River Dart is home to and visited by lots of birds; buzzards, cormorants, egrets, and guillemots are often seen. Herons nest on the edge of Greenway garden in spring, and in June you may see the young leaving the nest. Two creatures which always create the most excitement when spotted from the Boathouse are seals and kingfishers.


Butterflies in the long grass

Butterflies love long grass and wild flowers, which there are plenty of at Greenway. Along paths that lead from the house down to the Boathouse, long grass and wildflowers cover the banks, and at the Top Garden a sunny meadow drifts down the hillside. Butterflies are fans of sunshine, so on a fine day why not head to the Top Garden, find a comfy spot and stay still for about 15 minutes? Keep your eyes peeled and you should see lots of butterflies, including common blue, painted lady and red admiral. From 20 July to 2 August you can take part in The Big Butterfly Count at Greenway; pick up a butterfly spotter sheet when you arrive and record the number of butterflies you see to help with butterfly conservation. 


Damselflies by the ponds

The Bird Pond is a great spot for wildlife watching. It's named after the Bridget McCrum statue of a bird which presides over the pond, rather than the birds which visit it. At this time of year damselflies start to emerge; why not take a seat on the bench by the pond to watch them? Earlier in the year common toads laid their spawn here; by June the toadlets will be getting ready to leave the pond.