Greenway garden in spring

Greenway's garden is renowned for its spring flowers, and it's easy to see why when you visit. With camellias, magnolias, spring bulbs, rhododendrons and more, the garden is a riot of colour set against the backdrop of the River Dart. One of the best ways to discover the garden is on a free spring flower walk, which take place daily from 10 February at 2pm with a member of the garden team.

Catch the camellias

Camellias flower throughout the garden from February onwards; Greenway is even home to an historical camellia garden. This secluded walled garden by the river used to house an aviary, and is a great place to see camellias in flower from late February until April. Some other places to see them blooming is along the driveway and the middle path.

The camellia garden is nestled next to the river at Greenway
The camellia garden at Greenway

See the spring bulbs

As you walk down the driveway you'll see daffodils, snowdrops and cyclamen in flower. In front of the house a great swathe of snowdrops runs down towards the river, and the Mother and Child sculpture on the bank overlooking the house is surrounded by daffodils and cyclamen-flowered daffodils (Narcissus cyclamineus). 

The Mother and Child sculpture surrounded by cyclamen-flowered daffodils is an iconic spring sight at Greenway
The Mother and Child sculpture in Greenway garden surrounded by daffodils

Radical rhododendron

Wherever you go in the garden you can't miss seeing rhododendron in flower. Next to the tennis court is a large group of rhododendron ‘Smithii' which has beautiful twisted trunks and vibrant red flowers in April - well worth a visit. 


A spring tour of the Walled and Top Garden

On a walk through the walled gardens you'll see Iberian comfrey providing ground cover in the borders. From a short walk leads to Clock Golf, where hellebores in hues of pink and purple, planted by Agatha's daughter Rosalind Hicks, are looking great.

Look out for these hellebores in flower by Clock Golf in Greenway garden
Hellebores in flower in Greenway garden

The nearby Top Garden is an area that the garden team are concentrating their efforts on at the moment, restoring the borders to their former glory. These borders will be a riot of hot colours in the summer, and exotic plants thrive in this sunny space. From here a new path leads to a nearby viewpoint; the perfect place to soak up the river views. Carrying on along the Top Garden path you can't miss the Summerhouse ruins, which is the focal point for our fundraising this year. This building on the edge of the garden is in the best place to enjoy the river views and soak up some sunshine, and will be the crowning glory of the Top Garden when it is complete.

Soak up the views from this peaceful spot in Greenway garden
A bark path leading to benches at a viewpoint in Greenway garden