Greenway house

Please be aware that Greenway house is closed until further notice. Agatha Christie called Greenway 'the loveliest place in the world' and treasured it as a holiday home for her and her family. They filled each room with items dear to them, brought to Greenway from Ashfield, Agatha's childhood home, and their travels and extensive collections. In the house you can see all of this just as Agatha and her family left it.


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Follow in the family's footsteps

Imagine Agatha Christie and her family spending relaxed summer days or cosy Christmas holidays at Greenway. In the Drawing Room you'll see dominoes and card games laid out in front of the fire. Agatha's Steinway Piano has pride of place in this room; volunteer pianists often play, and encourage musical visitors to have a go.

In the Library you can hear an audio clip of Agatha's grandson Mathew reminiscing about his childhood holidays at Greenway. The hallway is home to picnic baskets and walking sticks which speak of happy afternoons spent in the gardens. Everywhere you turn in the house there is an item waiting to speak to you about its history.

Pick up a scrapbook

In most rooms in the house there are scrapbooks filled with stories and photographs relating to those rooms. Don't miss them as you wander round - they contain fascinating snippets of information.
The cupboards in the Winter Dining Room at Greenway are filled with collections
The cupboards in the Winter Dining Room at Greenway are filled with collections
The cupboards in the Winter Dining Room at Greenway are filled with collections

See the collections

Agatha and her family were all extensive collectors; five generations collected over 11,000 objects now in the house. Collections of all sorts from silverware to china, boxes and of course, books fill each room. In the Winter Dining Room you get a real impression of the scale of the collections as you open the cupboards and see them piled high.

Discover treasures from their travels

Agatha's second husband Max Mallowan was an archaeologist, and their time travelling the world on digs can be seen in the house. In Agatha's bedroom is Max's campaign bed, which he found so comfortable that he decided to use it here at Greenway. The Sitting Room is the best place to find out about Agatha and Max's time on digs, as it is filled with interactive information.